Quality A Frame Metal Carports in IN, OH, and MI

Whether you don’t have a garage or simply need a place to put extra storage items, A-frame metal carports are great items to have at your OH, IN, or MI, home.

The Versatility of Carports

Although most people use carports to store their cars, a carport is also good for storing other items, such as:

  • Livestock
  • Other vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts, or motorcycles
  • Any item you could also store in a shed or garage

Carports are also good to use as a workspace, party area, picnic area, or patio cover.

The Flexibility of Navy Metal Carports

Because we understand how amazing and adaptable carports are, we also take after our products. We want to make your experience with us as easy, convenient, and fun as possible. When you visit our website, we hope that you come away with the knowledge you need for building your carport or contacting us.


If you decide on a custom A-frame metal carport, our sales staff will be happy to assist you with your quote and provide a quick, personal response. If you have questions about any of our pre-fab carports, please contact us. We would be more than happy to answer your questions.


Navy Metal Carports offers a selection of roof styles and sizes to accommodate your needs and preferences. Please read below for more information. We ship nationwide, except for the following states: Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont.


The Easiness of Contacting Us

We want to make contacting us a breeze. As your online metal carport supplier, we want to provide you a quality product without a lot of hassle. Please contact us today at (877) 628-9557, email us at navy.metal.carports@gmail.com, or reach us through our online form. We’re here to help.

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What To Consider When Purchasing a Metal Carport?

Every Metal Carport Navy Metal Carports builds is designed to help protect what matters most to YOU – by delivering superior customer service, durable products, and confidence in quality. So whether your idea of a metal carport is to protect your car, toys, livestock, equipment, or simply a patio for shade, Navy Metal Carports is the #1 choice to help get the best bang for your buck. Below are highlights of things to consider and scroll down for more details.


  •  Choose the right roof style. While each roof style has its advantage and disadvantage, the perfect option will depend on your local weather.
  •  Select the right size. We can custom build any size metal carport from a single carport to 3 car carport options. Read below for more information
  • Check for Permit requirements. Check with your nearest township/county if you need a permit. All our standard buildings are certified (backed with engineer plans) for peace of mind. Once you place your down-payment, we send you generic plans for permit process.
An example of a frame metal carports in IN and OH

Regular Roof – Economical

Standard or known as “Regular” roof style have rounded corners. The regular roof has no trim on your eaves, ridge cap, nor purlins (hat channel) making it cost effective option. Standard roofs are best used in areas that experience fair weather year round i.e Texas

A-Frame Horizontal Roof – Better

A-Frame Horizontal roofs give your structure a residential look. The sheet panels run from side to side and do not have purlins or ridge cap. The increase in price to upgrade to A-Frame Horizontal is the additional welding needed on your trusses (bows). An excellent option to keep your residential look for residential areas for a minimum upgrade costs.

A-Frame Vertical Roof – Best

Known as the best choice for areas that experience extreme weather conditions, the vertical roof style is hands down the best choice for strength and durability. The roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves causing heavy snows, rain, and natural elements to slide off the roof easily. In order to tie down the panels to the structure, we must add purlins or hat channels lengthwise making the structure more rigid. The finished look with special trim all around the roof and ridge cap makes this roof style the best option.